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Latest Earthquakes | OG&E System Watch | United States Radar

Current (Last Refresh) Date/Time: Sat Oct 23, 2021 10:17:16 AM CDT

Lake Hefner in Oklahoma City, OK (Data from Wiley Post I think)
Closest Weather Station

Edmond, OK

Olathe, KS -
Click here for Kansas Radar

Oklahoma Local Animated Radar

View radar with winter mix showing

News 9 Radar

animated radar

Weather Related Links and Twitter Resources

An "#okwx or #okquake or #okfire" Twitter Search Widget.

May or may not match exactly what shows in other #okwx or #okquake or #okfire searches.

Well, unfortunately, Twitter no longer allows search widgets, so you'll have to search there directly: #okwx OR #okfire OR #okquake - Twitter Search

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