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Sunday, September 17, 2006: A Pelicar Fantasy RPG Forum is now online as of a few days ago. It was set up for us (friends and I, the creators of Pelicar) to discuss our current campaign and discuss/debate the game system rules and mechanics. Parts are only visible to us the game designers but there are public areas as well.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006: The bulk of the Pelicar website is back online at www.pelicar.info. Friends and I started playing together again and I got to talking about possibly putting it back online. Mostly put it back online for informational purposes. Several sections, such as the Products page have been left off on purpose for the moment.

Guess I should say that Pelicar/Pharaoh Games stopped around 4-5 years ago (it is now 4/21/2004). Looks like pelicar.com is now the website of some German car dealership/manufacturer LOL. As such, I've removed all the defunct links on here. I actually do have some books left over. Maybe I should toss them on Ebay or something. I did find a copy of that Pelicar Warlords II scenario so link below works again.

Pelicar is a trademark of Pharaoh Games.

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