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Mark Headrick's IRC Page

Ravetrax Ravetrax

Wednesday, February 03, 2010: Figured I should update this page since Ravetrax only exists as a Shoutcast Station now which their website ravetrax.com redirects to. Their IRC server irc.ravetrax.com still seems to be functioning but I don't really go there any more and haven't for a long time. Twitter and Facebook have pretty much taken over my online chatting energies.

Friday, March 03, 2006: Good grief. This page is six years old.. I don't even know where to start to bring things up to date. I guess the quickest thing would be to say the only IRC channel I visit now is the Ravetrax IRC Channel while I am watching their live broadcasts on Winamp.

Old crap keeping on site to remember the old days

#MIDI Banner
On ChatNet

#MIDI created on ChatNet at 4/24/98 5:37:58 PM (GMT) (under current ownership)

How to access #MIDI on ChatNet | Other Channels on ChatNet
AOL User Info | IRC Clients
Pirch v0.90+ Sound Setup/Events/Script | mIRC v5.02 Sound Setup/Events/Scripts

Well, I've become burnt out with IRC it seems. Currently, I am not running any IRC Channels or running any bots. Probably a good thing.. my productivity kinda went downhill after getting on IRC. Right now, I usually hang-out on #CyberChat and #Chattaholics on ChatNet and #Oklahoma on Undernet.

Well, I used to run #MIDI and then #Castle_MIDI on Chatnet, but no more. Oh, be sure to check my General MIDI page for available files and links to other MIDI sites and resources and my main Homepage as well! I would recommend accessing my General MIDI files page via my homepage as the midi files are targeted into a frame.

For those of you searching for a specific MIDI file, try my (well, okay, so I stole it) MIDI Search page.

Also, for any of you Fantasy Role Players out there, check out Pelicar™, a Fantasy Role-Playing game that Pharaoh Games, LLC, a company that I was part owner of, wrote and published!

-MarkRH aka MarkRWork

Notice: Pirch users who have downloaded my SENDLONG.PIL script, it is now at version 2.0, the previous versions did not handle .WAV files correctly. This one also does a version check and will only do a DCC TSEND if being executed in Pirch versions 0.90 and above.

How to Access #MIDI on ChatNet

If you already have a IRC Program and know what you're doing, you can join the #MIDI Channel by accessing one of the ChatNet servers (I prefer WalnutCreek.CA.US.ChatNet.org at the moment as it has the best traceroute for me) and typing /join #Castle_MIDI. Once there you can type /map to get a list of other available servers.  You can also get a list of all the ChatNet servers by visiting their website at http://www.chatnet.org (link removed, site is gone).

Other Channels I Frequent on ChatNet

Following is a list of channels I frequent on Chatnet with links to the channel's homepage if one exists.

Channel Description
#MIDI This be ^Treena^'s channel now! I use to own it, but, well.. long story.
#Chattaholics This is Taffie's Channel.
Casper--'s CyberChat Logo Entry, used with permission
One of the busiest on Chatnet. I'm an OP in here too ;) (Well, I was one anyway.. was gone from IRC too long) The image was done by Casper--, one of #CyberChat's ops. It was his entry into the logo contest which, unfortunately, he was not eligible to win. Used with his permission.

America Online Users

AOL Version 3.X users will need to download the 16-bit version of Pirch or mIRC, or any other 16-bit IRC chat program will work. AOL users will also need to make sure that AOL's WINSOCK.DLL has been placed into your WINDOWS/SYSTEM directory. On AOL, go to Keyword "WINSOCK" for more information about installing their WINSOCK.DLL. AOL users will be able to use the WalnutCreek.CA.US.ChatNet.org IRC server, using a port of 7070. Other servers might work, but I know this one does.

AOL Version 4.0 uses a 32-bit WINSOCK.DLL, so the 32-bit versions should work with it. Version 4.0 of AOL may still require it own customized WINSOCK.DLL. I don't know for sure as I no longer use AOL.

IRC Clients

Following are two of the most popular IRC clients that I've seen people using:

Pirch IRC Client

Pirch(the one that I prefer! ).  It already has a list of ChatNet Servers built in. You can download it directly from here or go to the Pirch home page. Yes! A New version has finally been released: Pirch98!

Get mIRC

mIRC is another popular IRC client.

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