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Winamp Info Report

File was generated by Winamp Info Tool v5.2.2.5086 on: 02-13-2017 at: 3:31:27
Copyright 2011-2017 by Christoph Grether


General InformationWinamp DirectoriesWinamp General SettingsWinamp Playlist Settings
Winamp Playback Settings Registered File Extensions Input Plug-insOutput Plug-ins
Visualization Plug-insDSP / Effects Plug-insGeneral Purpose Plug-insMedia Library Plug-ins
Portable Media Player Plug-insEncoder Plug-insLanguage Packs / Language Files System Components / DLL Files
Classic / Modern SkinsZip / Folder SkinsIcon Libraries / Icon PacksSummary / Statistics

General Information

Windows Version:Windows 7 Professional Service Pack 1 (64 Bit)
System Language:English (United States)
Internet Explorer Version:11.0.9600.18538 (32/64-Bit)
Winamp Version: (Winamp Pro Version) ? Winamp is not running in background!
Winamp Backup Tool Version:
Winamp Tray Control Icon Pack Version:Winamp Tray Control Icon Pack is not present on the system
Sonic Burning Engine Version:
Current Skin:Bento
Current Language Pack:None
Current Output Plug-in:Nullsoft DirectSound Output [out_ds.dll]
Current Visualization Plug-in:Classic Spectrum Analyzer [vis_classic.dll]
Current DSP Plug-in:None
Current Encoding Plug-in:Nullsoft MP3 Encoder [enc_lame.dll]
Current File Type Icon Library:None
Current Tray Control Icon Pack:Standard Icon Pack

Winamp Directories

Winamp Installation Path:C:\Program Files (x86)\Winamp
Winamp Configuration Path:C:\Users\●●●\AppData\Roaming\Winamp
Winamp Backup Path:C:\Users\●●●\AppData\Roaming\Winamp Backup Tool\Backups
Winamp Plug-in Path:C:\Program Files (x86)\Winamp\Plugins
Winamp System Components Paths:C:\Program Files (x86)\Winamp\System
Winamp Skins Path:C:\Program Files (x86)\Winamp\Skins
Winamp Language Pack Path:No Language Pack directory available
Winamp Visualization Plug-in Path:C:\Program Files (x86)\Winamp\Plugins
Winamp DSP Plug-in Path:C:\Program Files (x86)\Winamp\Plugins
Winamp File Type Icon Library Path:No File Type Icon directory available
Winamp Tray Control Icon Pack Path:No Tray Control Icon directory available
MilkDrop Presets Path:C:\Program Files (x86)\Winamp\Plugins\Milkdrop2\presets
AVS Presets Path:C:\Program Files (x86)\Winamp\Plugins\avs
CD-Ripping Destination Path:C:\Users\●●●\Music\MP3
CD-Ripping File Naming Scheme:<Genre>\<Artist> - <Album>\<Artist> - <Album> - ## - <Title>
CD-Ripping Playlist Naming Scheme:<Artist> - <Album>\<Artist> - <Album>
Format Converter Destination Path:C:\Users\●●●\Music
Format Converter File Naming Scheme:<Artist> - <Album>\## - <Title>
Portable Players Destination Path:C:\Users\●●●\Music
Portable Players File Naming Scheme:<Artist> - <Album>\## - <Title>
Winamp Configuration File Path:C:\Users\●●●\AppData\Roaming\Winamp\winamp.ini
Media Library Configuration File Path:C:\Users\●●●\AppData\Roaming\Winamp\Plugins\gen_ml.ini
Winamp Uninstall Path:C:\Program Files (x86)\WACUP\UninstWACUP.exe

Winamp General Settings

Internet Connection Settings:Always Connected (LAN, DSL, Cable)
Taskbar/Notification Area Presence:Winamp is shown in Taskbar only
Priority Class:Normal
Visualization Plug-in Priority:Normal
Allow Multiple Instances:Disabled
Always on Top:Disabled
Recycle permanently deleted files:Enabled
Prevent the mouse wheel from altering the volume:Disabled

Winamp Playlist Settings

Repeat Mode:Repeat Mode enabled / Manual Playlist Advance disabled (Repeat Playlist)
Shuffle Mode:Enabled
Current Playlist Font:Arial
Current Playlist Font Size:11 Pixels
Current Playlist Text Direction:Force left-to-right order
Show Numbers in Playlist:Enabled
Metadata Reading:Metadata will be read, when file(s) are played or viewed in Playlist Editor
Current ATF String:$if(%album%,$if(%albumartist%,$if2(%artist%,%albumartist%) - ,$if2(%artist%,NO ARTIST) - ),$if2(%artist%,NO ARTIST) - )$if2(%title%,$filepart(%filename%))[ $if(%album%,{$if(%albumartist%,%albumartist%,$if2(%artist%,NO ARTIST)) - %album%[ - T:%track%][, %year%]},)][ - %cdengine%]

Winamp Playback Settings

Speaker Balance:Center
Playback Thread Priority:Highest (Default)
Output Bit Depth:24 Bit Output
Surround Sound:Enabled
Forced Mono Output:Disabled
ReplayGain Support:Disabled
Preamp:+0.0 db
Buffer length:2000 ms
Prebuffer on start / seek / underrun:500 ms
Buffer-ahead on track change:500 ms
Crossfading at start:Disabled
Crossfading on first start:Disabled
Crossfading at end of song:Disabled
Crossfading on Pause/Stop:Enabled (Duration: 333 ms)
Crossfading On Seek:Enabled (Duration: 333 ms)
Remove silence at the beginning/end of track:Disabled

Registered File Extensions


Winamp Input Plug-ins

Name of the Plug-inFile NameFile VersionFile Size
Nullsoft AVI Demuxerin_avi.dll *0.7568.50 KiB
Nullsoft CD Pluginin_cdda.dll * KiB
Nullsoft DirectShow Decoderin_dshow.dll *1.1371.50 KiB
Nullsoft FLAC Decoderin_flac.dll *3.148.50 KiB
Nullsoft Flash Decoderin_flv.dll *1.4543.00 KiB
Nullsoft LineIn Plug-inin_linein.dll *3.168.00 KiB
Nullsoft Midi Playerin_midi.dll *3.55109.50 KiB
Nullsoft Matroska Demuxerin_mkv.dll *0.8340.50 KiB
Nullsoft Module Decoderin_mod.dll *2.94161.00 KiB
Nullsoft MPEG Audio Decoderin_mp3.dll *4.103263.50 KiB
Nullsoft MP4 Demuxerin_mp4.dll *2.6553.50 KiB
Nullsoft NSV Decoderin_nsv.dll *1.7576.00 KiB
Nullsoft Flash Control Playbackin_swf.dll *1.1523.50 KiB
Nullsoft Vorbis Decoderin_vorbis.dll *1.76242.00 KiB
Nullsoft Waveform Decoderin_wave.dll *3.2523.50 KiB
Nullsoft Windows Media Decoderin_wm.dll *3.78306.50 KiB

Winamp Output Plug-ins

Name of the Plug-inFile NameFile VersionFile Size
Nullsoft Disk Writerout_disk.dll *2.1824.00 KiB
Nullsoft DirectSound Outputout_ds.dll *2.6452.50 KiB
Nullsoft WaveOut Outputout_wave.dll *2.1719.50 KiB

Winamp Vizualization Plug-ins

Name of the Plug-inFile NameFile VersionFile Size
Nullsoft Advanced Visualization Studio (AVS)vis_avs.dll *2.8.2452.05 KiB
Classic Spectrum Analyzervis_classic.dll 1.032.00 KiB
MilkDrop 2vis_milk2.dll *2.25.3415.50 KiB
Nullsoft Tiny Fullscreenvis_nsfs.dll *2.1633.00 KiB
Unknown Vizualization Plug-invis_plane9.dll -118.50 KiB
BJR Labs - Stereo Analog VU Meter(RMS)vis_vu.dll -336.07 KiB

Winamp DSP / Effects Plug-ins

None installed

Winamp General Purpose Plug-ins

Name of the Plug-inFile NameFile VersionFile Size
AjaxAMPgen_AjaxAMP.dll MiB
Now Playinggen_BrandonFullerNowPlaying.dll 3.9.4208.00 KiB
Album Art Viewergen_classicart.dll 1.135.50 KiB
Nullsoft Error Feedbackgen_crasher.dll *1.1250.50 KiB
Nullsoft Modern Skin Supportgen_ff.dll *1.491.63 MiB
Nullsoft Global Hotkeysgen_hotkeys.dll *1.9730.50 KiB
Jump To File Extragen_jumpex.dll * KiB
Nullsoft Media Librarygen_ml.dll *3.75322.50 KiB
Skin Managergen_skinmanager.dll 1.0.372.00 KiB
TipTopgen_tiptop.dll -12.50 KiB
Nullsoft Tray Controlgen_tray.dll * KiB
Darkling Wakeup by joepezTgen_Wake_up_call.dll KiB
Waveform Seekergen_waveseek.dll 2.324.50 KiB

Winamp Media Library Plug-ins

Name of the Plug-inFile NameFile VersionFile Size
ML Bookmark Categorizerml_bkmk.dll -30.00 KiB
Nullsoft Bookmarksml_bookmarks.dll *1.2731.00 KiB
Nullsoft Device Managerml_devices.dll *1.34221.50 KiB
Nullsoft Rip & Burnml_disc.dll *1.99.4195.50 KiB
Nullsoft Downloadsml_downloads.dll *1.3156.50 KiB
Nullsoft Historyml_history.dll *2.0.360.00 KiB
Nullsoft Local Mediaml_local.dll *3.32321.00 KiB
Nullsoft Now Playingml_nowplaying.dll * KiB
Nullsoft Online Servicesml_online.dll *2.0.1136.50 KiB
Nullsoft Playlistsml_playlists.dll *1.71109.50 KiB
Nullsoft Playlist Generatorml_plg.dll *1.8183.50 KiB
Nullsoft Portable Music Player Supportml_pmp.dll *2.24280.50 KiB
Nullsoft Replay Gain Analyzerml_rg.dll *1.2838.00 KiB
Nullsoft Format Converterml_transcode.dll *2.7633.00 KiB

Winamp Portable Media Player Plug-ins

Name of the Plug-inFile NameFile VersionFile Size
Nullsoft Creative NJB Plug-inpmp_njb.dll *0.5720.50 KiB
Nullsoft USB Device Plug-inpmp_usb.dll *1.6152.00 KiB

Winamp Encoder Plug-ins

Name of the Plug-inFile NameFile VersionFile Size
MPEG-4 AAC Encoder
enc_fhgaac.dll *1.0.81020.50 KiB
Nullsoft FLAC Encoderenc_flac.dll *2.4318.00 KiB
Nullsoft MP3 Encoderenc_lame.dll *1.3718.00 KiB
Nullsoft OGG Vorbis Encoderenc_vorbis.dll *1.541.57 MiB
Nullsoft WAV Encoderenc_wav.dll * KiB
Nullsoft WMA Encoderenc_wma.dll *1.2319.50 KiB

Winamp Language Packs (.wlz)

None installed

Additional Language Files (.lng)

None installed

Winamp System Components

File NameFile VersionFile Size
..\System\aacdec.w5s * KiB
..\System\adpcm.w5s * KiB
..\System\alac.w5s * KiB
..\System\albumart.w5s * KiB
..\System\auth.w5s * KiB
..\System\bmp.w5s * KiB
..\System\devices.w5s * KiB
..\System\dlmgr.w5s * KiB
..\System\f263.w5s * KiB
..\System\filereader.w5s * KiB
..\System\gif.w5s * KiB
..\System\gracenote.w5s * KiB
..\System\h264.w5s * KiB
..\System\jnetlib.w5s * KiB
..\System\jpeg.w5s * KiB
..\System\mp4v.w5s * KiB
..\System\ombrowser.w5s * KiB
..\System\pcm.w5s * KiB
..\System\playlist.w5s * KiB
..\System\png.w5s * KiB
..\System\primo.w5s * KiB
..\System\tagz.w5s * KiB
..\System\theora.w5s * KiB
..\System\timer.w5s * KiB
..\System\UnicodeTaskbarFix.w5s * KiB
..\System\vlb.w5s * KiB
..\System\vp6.w5s * KiB
..\System\vp8.w5s * KiB
..\System\xml.w5s * KiB
..\System\xspf.w5s * KiB
..\Plugins\freeform\wacs\freetype\freetype.wac *-326.00 KiB

Winamp DLL Files

File NameFile VersionFile Size
..\burnlib.dll * KiB
..\elevatorps.dll * KiB
..\jnetlib.dll * KiB
..\libFLAC.dll * KiB
..\libmp4v2.dll * KiB
..\libsndfile.dll * KiB
..\nde.dll * KiB
..\nsutil.dll * KiB
..\nxlite.dll * KiB
..\pxsdkpls.DLL * KiB
..\tataki.dll * KiB
..\zlib.dll * KiB
..\Plugins\nsvdec_vp3.dll *-99.00 KiB
..\Plugins\nsvdec_vp5.dll *-169.00 KiB
..\Plugins\lame_enc.dll *-499.50 KiB
..\Plugins\read_file.dll *-82.50 KiB
..\Plugins\ReplayGainAnalysis.dll *-11.50 KiB
..\Plugins\tataki.dll * KiB
..\Windows\System32\d3dx9_31.dll 9.15.779.02.30 MiB
..\Windows\System32\D3DX9_42.dll 9.27.952.30011.80 MiB

Classic Skins (.wsz)

File NameFile Size
Battlestar_Galactica_-_Viper.wsz218.88 KiB
beaveramp.wsz149.53 KiB
Bento_Classified.wsz76.85 KiB
calculator.wsz67.76 KiB
Dale_Earnhardt_3.wsz47.67 KiB
Easy_Listening.wsz34.41 KiB
Evanescence_-_The_Dark_Epic.wsz135.45 KiB
Expensive_Hi-Fi_1.2.wsz107.98 KiB
MountainDew_.wsz119.80 KiB
Nucleo_NLog_v102_.wsz147.03 KiB
TRON.wsz203.11 KiB
Winamp5_Classified_v5.5.wsz174.00 KiB

Modern Skins (.wal)

File NameFile Size
Airtel__Song_Catcher.wal1.19 MiB
AS-FxS.wal1.80 MiB
AS_Fx21_EVO.wal630.69 KiB
Chevy_Number_29_Car.wal602.31 KiB
Chevy_Number_8_Car.wal589.95 KiB
CLIENT.wal433.09 KiB
CocaCola_Musica_Winamp5_Skin.wal459.04 KiB
Coca_Cola__My_Coke_Music.wal814.26 KiB
Doctor_Who__The_Eleven_Doctors.wal1.24 MiB
Ebonite_2.0.wal582.36 KiB
EPS_High-End_System_v1_test.wal1.16 MiB
Firefox.wal887.29 KiB
Heroes.wal1.11 MiB
IMAX_Nascar_3D.wal304.09 KiB
K-Tech_SFX_-_201.wal338.34 KiB
KameleonDUI.wal1.33 MiB
Komodo_Vanguard_v0.8_by_Victhor.wal1.79 MiB
lexicon.wal1.01 MiB
MerryChristmas.wal455.25 KiB
MMD3-4-5.wal1.20 MiB
MMD3.wal995.92 KiB
nullsoft_media_player_10_forked_by_hb860-d7h03zd.wal265.33 KiB
Pimeer_Modern_v2.wal735.79 KiB
Pimeer_v2-2_Ultime.wal777.00 KiB
Pimeer_v2-3_Ultime.wal765.28 KiB
Pimeer_v2.4.1.wal774.24 KiB
Pimeer_v2.4.3.wal803.26 KiB
Quinto_Black.wal319.86 KiB
Retrotech.wal797.09 KiB
Space_Invaders_by_flatmatt_1.wal66.90 KiB
StarTrek_LCARS_AMP_PADD_II.wal389.97 KiB
The_Unauthorized_Matrix_Skin.wal1.58 MiB
TRON___Legacy.wal176.84 KiB
WMP11-BlueVU.wal879.89 KiB
ZDL-AUDIOPHILE_Stereo-System_5-Plus.wal696.32 KiB
ZDL_Reel-To-Reel_Analog_Tape_Machine.wal514.37 KiB

Skins (.zip)

File NameFile Size
Classic_Marantz.zip94.29 KiB
ElectraGlide.zip199.26 KiB
Orange_Power_v3.zip224.90 KiB
StacyandCoke97.zip147.37 KiB

Skins (in a Folder)

File NameFile Size
Bento286.65 KiB
Big Bento853.13 KiB
Winamp Modern922.76 KiB

Winamp File Type Icon Libraries

None installed

Nullsoft Tray Control Icon Packs

None installed

Winamp Backups

File NameCompression FormatFile Size
Winamp_Backup_18-04-2016.zipZip (Standard)41.87 MiB

Summary / Statistics

Plug-insTotal Number
Winamp Input Plug-ins16
Winamp Output Plug-ins3
Winamp Vizualization Plug-ins6
Winamp DSP / Effects Plug-ins0
Winamp General Purpose Plug-ins13
Winamp Media Library Plug-ins14
Winamp Portable Media Player Plug-ins2
Winamp Encoder Plug-ins6
60 Plug-ins installed
Language FilesTotal Number
Winamp Language Packs (.wlz)0
Additional Language Files (.lng)0
0 Language Files installed
System FilesTotal Number
Winamp System Components31
Winamp DLL Files20
51 System Files installed
SkinsTotal Number
Classic Skins (.wsz)13
Modern Skins (.wal)36
Skins (in a Folder)3
Skins (.zip)4
56 Skins installed
MiscellaneousTotal Number
Winamp File Type Icon Libraries0
Nullsoft Tray Control Icon Packs0
Nullsoft Signal Processing Studio DSP Presets0


* Official shipped component
Component with known compatibility issues
Current component
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End of Report

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